Community Engagement

I treasure experiences of community engagement through applied research projects. I often compare applied research for me to ethnographic fieldwork for anthropologists. They gain a direct understanding of how people lives through fieldwork, while I was able to gain that understanding of how governments work through conducting applied projects accompanying close interactions with governments. I was able to sharpen what I learned from school based on firsthand observations.

The applied projects that I participated in were efforts to help state and local policy makers of where I live to make informed decisions. To be specific, populations of the State of Idaho and the Boise metropolitan area have been exploding over the recent years. State and local governments reached out Boise State’s Idaho Policy Institute for urgent help to tackle growth-related challenges that had a profound impact on people’s lives and governments.

The 12 policy reports I wrote have proven to be highly impactful. According to a ScholarWorks report, a total 278 downloads have been recorded by 42 institutions including state/local governments and private organizations from 16 countries including the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Germany, and India.

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